Je' is very knowledgeable with her techniques and crafts and will teach you the ins and outs of fat loss, muscle building, and body metabolism. Not only will you achieve your goals and attain the body you want, you will also learn a lot in the process and can incorporate being fit and healthy into your overall lifestyle. Do you want a trainer that will answer your million and 1 questions about fitness, wants to see you succeed, and will push and encourage you to get the body you desire, and have fun in the process? I strongly recommend Battle Fitness!


Je understands and works with you to get over your obstacles, give you no excuses, the program so thorough, I lost 6 pounds the first week - I could not believe it - , moreover, I see big changing in body shape, more countered, stronger. I can breathe better, can move better and most importantly sleep better.


Joining the Battle Fitness team changed my view of weight loss. I am surrounded by people who want and need the same things as me: accountability, encouragement, and knowledge to help me succeed. Je is encouraging when I need it and no nonsense when I want to make excuses. I love the energy from everyone at Battle Fitness...


I am writing this after my 6 month journey with Battle Fitness, I am feeling amazing and i am unexpected with the results within these 6 metabolism, strength levels have drastically increased and I never kept my stomach empty for any diet purposes. I strongly believe that this is the wisest and best decision ever I took for my body and I am glad to be part of BATTLE FITNESS...


I continue with Je' Battle, because I have never been able to find someone who really cared about me getting the results I wanted. She is an expert in her field and knows how to motivate me and bring out the best in me. She is genuinely interested in you getting the results you come to her for.


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Here at Battle Fitness you will see people at all levels of fitness. You will see bigger people, smaller people, young, old, fit not fit. Everyone there has different goals and to see them transform is always exciting...As tough as the workouts are I still look forward to coming to workout every day. Why? I see results, have fun doing it and I don't have to starve myself or kill myself working out every day of the week. This place works for me and I encourage anyone who has had issues with weight loss programs, gyms, workout videos to forget that crap and try Battle Fitness.


I can fit into all my clothes that have been sitting in my closet for a while, so I have a whole new wardrobe. Also my husband notices it, which is really great and my daughter the other day she was like, “Wow mom what have you been doing!” So, to me those are the things that are the greatest things about working out. I feel good. I feel like I look a lot better than I did. I feel like I'm going to look even better, thanks to Je’!


The program is the total package-- you get guidance on nutrition, weight loss, muscle gains and definition and much more- all in a fun, non judgmental atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and supportive as well. Prepare to work hard, and the results and rewards will soon follow. I highly recommend Battle Fitness to anyone who wants to get in better shape and feel great.


I joined Battle Fitness, because I loved that it wasn't necessarily just me and a trainer. There was a team atmosphere, there was all these other people around me to push me, and when I was having that moment of weakness, there was always someone to pick me up and not necessarily just Je', but there was all these other people around me who are there dedicating themselves to being healthy just like I was.


Je Battle has become my number one fan and consistently encourages me to stick with healthy habits, even during the rough times. If you are prone to getting excited about a workout routine or diet but then quickly lose motivation, Battle Fitness is where you need to go to keep the fire burning.



Battle Fitness Personal Training Review

I’ve been at Battle Fitness for a little over a year and what a difference it has made. I feel better about not only my body but also my outlook on life. Je` really knows how to talk to you and make you feel like your goals are attainable and push you were you never thought you could go before. It has really been a year in the making but I am finally looking at myself different in the mirror and understanding who I am and can be. \ I really enjoy going to the gym now. I like knowing I am going to be productive and even the other clients that Je` brings on are friendly and empowering. We all root for each other and it has become a support group for a variety of things. Je` really stands by you and helps in all situations. If something isn’t working she has no problem switching it up until you find the way that works for you and then its head down and go! Battle Fitness is also a great place to start if you are new to working, if you have been doing it for a while and need to mix it up, or if you have been going for a long time and just are not seeing the results you want. Je` has gotten me where I am accountable for myself and I know if I am out of town that weekend what needs to be done to maintain my progress- and that is what is key. I would definitely recommend Je` and Battle Fitness in general. It really has changed my outlook on fitness and on life.

Bri M.

“Battle Fitness deserves five stars because workouts have become the highlight of my week! I feel confident in my ability to complete the workouts, and it is helpful that my trainer and my fitness goals are not intimidating. My trainer sat down with me a developed a goal for me to work towards, and she will provide me with a plan to maintain my desired physique once my goals are accomplished.

I joined Battle Fitness with a friend, and I feel this is very motivating for the both of us because we can support each other during workouts and the time in between! I highly recommend doing the same if at all possible. We laugh throughout our workout sessions, and I feel extremely energized afterward!

My trainer is professional, knowledgeable, and attentive. She is makes herself available to answer or address any questions or concerns I may have. I am really happy that I found Battle Fitness!

If I feel this great now, I cannot wait until I meet my fitness goal!”

Deanna O.

Part I

I have been with Je’ for two weeks and I am very impressed with her! Her professionalism and personality shine through in every session. She is completely committed to helping each person improve and focuses on each person’s results. She is engaging and fun and the semi-private sessions are motivating. In two weeks I can feel my body improving and strengthening and I am looking forward to continued success. I recommend Je’ over any health club membership!

Part II

After my workout last night with Je` I am feeling really good! After just two weeks my energy levels are up. I woke up early and arrived to work early today, which shocked everyone! LOL.

Part III

My new positive motto is No Pain, No Gain. Je’ completely understands hurdles and helps you through them. My muscles will obey me! I have been working with Je’ for three weeks and I am noticing improved body definition. I am amazed and she is amazing!!

Part IV

I am happy to report that I am almost down one size in pants!! I bought the new size as incentive!! Yaaayyy!! What a great feeling!!!!

Part V

I am so thankful for Battle Fitness and for Je’! I have been training with Je’ for four weeks and I have lost 7 pounds and am fitting into a size smaller pant! What a wonderful feeling this is! I am looking forward to working with Je’ and cannot wait to reach my goals and maintain them. She is truly an amazing trainer!!

Part VI

After working with Je’ for 4 weeks, I am amazed at my results. Every minute with Je’ is worthwhile. Like she says “Give me a minute.” One minute increments give excellent results. The team effort is motivating and fun and Je’ keeps everyone on the same track during the sessions. Half the battle is going to the sessions and the half is over in no time. Battle Fitness came along at just the right time in my life and I will always be grateful. It took me out of a slump and gave me more energy and confidence in a short time. I am looking forward to improved health, better physical fitness, and maintaining my results with Je’. She has your back. She will help You get there too!

Joanna W.

“I was in search of something that would work and I was beginning to think I was resigned to the body and state of health I had. My search ended when I found Je’. I’ve had various personal trainers, tried various workouts and diets and nothing really worked. Then a friend referred me to Je. Little did I know my life and body were about to change. Je’ has a sixth sense when it comes to training. She ALWAYS knows when I’m not feeling ok, when I haven’t warmed up properly, or when I have an injury without me saying a word. She is a body sculptor and body reader! She has the ability to gauge what your body should look like and the skills (workout and diet) to get you to your ideal body. Her training has not only done wonders for my outside, but also for my inside. I am stronger, leaner, healthier and a lot more confident. I’ve lost pounds and inches.

After the first three months of training, my friends could not believe the change in my body! I also love that Je’ is a “real” person and thus she is able to sympathize and understand real everyday people, who eat real food and not carrot sticks all day. She did not put me on a crazy unrealistic diet. She created a plan that would work for my life, for the rest of my life. Her workouts are continuously changing, never boring, and always challenging. Not challenging in a way that’s discouraging though. I’m always amazed at how knowledgeable she is when it comes to all things pertaining to the body. Je’ is wise beyond her years and she illustrates that in her training. For me, personal training has gone from being intimidating and tortuous to a fun, motivating and challenging experience. Her workouts have really given me proof in the pudding results. I look forward to my training with Je because even though it’s a workout, it’s also a great, funny conversation with a friend. My week is not complete without her. I fully trust her with my body and health because I know she will never steer me wrong. She cares about my body and my health even though most times I’m mainly concerned about my body (outward appearance). I’m so thankful that my search is over.”

Terica A.

I started Battle Fitness with Jé four months ago and have been amazed at how much my body changed over this period of time. Jé provides a team-like environment where we have fun, but also really achieve results. There is no way I could have done this with anyone else but Jé. She believes in her clients so much and will always help pick you up when you’re down. No matter what you are looking for out of a PT or nutritional plan, I know Jé will be able to help you achieve the results you have always wanted.

Jennifer B.

“For many years I had tried getting into a fitness routine but really needed the direction that only a trainer could provide.So I finally decided to invest in a trainer.I have been training with Je Battle for around 3 months and I’m completely hooked. She has what I call an “iron fist and silk gloves” approach. She will push you to the place you need to be in your fitness. I feel stronger and am one jean size down from when I started working out with her.”

Rebecca M.

“I joined Battle Fitness a couple of months back, and have been very pleased with the professionalism and level of service I receive. It’s been great having Je motivate me every step of the way. She understands my overall goals, and is customizing great workouts to help me get there. I look forward to my future workouts with Battle Fitness!”

Chi K.

“After nearly 25 years of resisting regular exercise, I finally gave in and started with Battle Fitness out of pure desperation! My trainer is highly professional, knowledgeable, personable, and patient. The workouts have enough variety to hold my interest and they’re always challenging. I’m confident that this journey will really pay off. If I can do this, anyone can! Give Battle Fitness a try!”

Sunny R.

“I want to apologize to my body for torturing and sabotaging potential progress I could of had. I was the guy in the gym thinking he knew everything throwing up heavy weights and having bad form. Training at BATTLE FITNESS put me back on track. THANK YOU!”

Andre B.

“I’m a work-from-home mother with a toddler. There is no option for me to go to a gym nor do I have the motivation to but Je’ comes to my condo. I was always stick skinny. but after having my baby I looked at myself in the mirror everyday and just felt depressed! I tried diets and my own in-home exercises but you all know how that goes. One day I went searching for a trainer. Many of them I didn’t want just by conversing on the phone, then Je’ popped up! She laid everything out and let me know how and what I needed to do to get down to my goal. She motivated me to want to do this for my health and not just to look good.

She is friendly, energetic, and knew what she is talking about. Her enthusiasm is infectious! She’s also young and HOT so you just want to look like her. I trusted her from the initial consultation! Its been 6 months so far and she is not only helping me lose weight, but she goes deeper and is completely restructuring my body. As i’ve aged and become less active my muscle has disappeared. I used to play so many sports and then stopped and had a baby so my body fat % was in the high 30s which is that of an obese person! I am so proud to say im back in the 20s and counting down! Shes so fun so it doesnt feel like im working out anymore, I feel like im hanging out with a friend who’s kicking my butt! I have all this energy, I have muscle definition, I can wear shorts and tanks, Im not depressed and I fit into jeans I used to wear in COLLEGE! Je` has given me my life back!”

Nish P.

“Battle Fitness has changed my life forever. Je’ is passionate about seeing results and never acted like a drill sergeant. I loved the fact that when the work outs became intense she always reminded me to breath when things became overwhelming and encouraged me to push through the pain! Just hearing her tell you that you can do it was enough to get through the pain and goodness was pushing through the pain rewarding. I feel great! The in home sessions gives you relief to work at your own pace! Stop making excuses and call Battle Fitness TODAY!”

Sorange P.

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